July 15, 2011

Run Girl Run! Get Fit Friday!

Every week my company’s Wellness Coach gives us health tips, mostly about running, and I have really found them beneficial.  So much so that I’ve decided to share them with you guys every week!  Enjoy!

The best walking shoe for you will be the one that fits you best, says Consumer Reports. That may seem obvious, but it is easy to get seduced by the look of a walking shoe and ignore the basics. In addition to the basics -- shop late in the day when your feet are larger, measure both feet to see if they are the same size, wear the same socks you will wear when you walk -- it is important to take into consideration your foot type as well. If you have a high arch, you will want a thick midsole for extra conditioning. If you have flat feet, you will want a shoe that prevents your foot from rolling too much to the inside and overpronating.

2nd girl in black tights is my daughter

General Stretching Guidelines
It is important to only stretch your muscles when they are warm. Cold muscles are less pliable and more prone to injury. Warm up before stretching by performing some light but progressive cardio for five to 10 minutes; for example walk, jog and then run. Warm muscles stretch much more easily. If you are stretching as part of your warm up, focus on the muscles you are going to be using in your workout. In your cool down, stretch any muscles that you have just exercised plus any that feel tight. Dynamic and ballistic stretches are best suited to your warm up and static stretches are best suited to your cool down. The longer you hold a static stretch, the greater your flexibility improvements will be.

Check out this post for tips on managing your natural mane while working out!

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