July 21, 2011

It’s Getting Haute In Here

I have never been one who likes hair on her hair, face or neck.  I constantly have this feeling of something crawling on my face all day.  When I was little, my mother would die before she allowed me to leave the premises without a bang.  Not a cut bang, mind you, just a large group of hair in the front that was rolled on a pink sponge roller and called a bang.  It made me extremely self conscious about my forehead and my widow’s peak.  At any rate, now that I’m …uumph…older….I’m over those 2 things and now you will hardly ever catch me with hair in my face.  I used to be known for ponytails and buns.  Once I started embracing my curl pattern, I began to wear my hair out more.  However, this summer thus far has been way too much for me to handle when it comes to my hair.  I love the sexy appeal of huge hair but it’s simply too hot for all of that right now.  With temps in the 90s, I am in search of some off the neck or at least partially off the neck, off the face hairdos that are cute my not kiddie girl cute. 
My hair idol is rocking the cutest style in this photo.  This looks like a cute do for my Hawaii trip?  Yes?


O.A.Eddy for O'Naturals said...

I understand what you mean. I also love big hair but Nigeria is too hot most of the time...well except in Plateau state. When I'm in Plateau state I do consider wearing my hair out and about but then the cold weather gets me paranoid and I go back to up-dos and protective styles. Gosh... you just can't win.

Tammy said...

@O.A. Eddy I know - it's always something right?!We learn to adapt.What's the humidity like there?Love your hair in this pic.