March 07, 2011

You Know You Need A Trim If.....

For most naturals whose goal is to achieve length, trimming is a huge question mark!  How often do I trim?  How do I know if I need a trim?  Can I do a self trim?  How much do I trim?  This is a particularly tough subject for me.  I’m that chic that has it out with her stylist every time she wants to trim my hair.  I’m like a little kid being dragged kicking and screaming to the chair!  I hate trims.  I view them as a necessary evil.  I’m just not too sure I believe it must be done on a schedule.  Some say you need a trim every 8 weeks, others say trim as needed.  Well how do you know when it’s needed? 

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For sure I know that if these 2 things are occurring, a trim is in order:
Tangles and Knots
Are you consistently noticing that your ends and knots have become best friends?  Even after weekly deep conditioning, proper detangling, they still linger?  Lately no matter how much nurturing and care I provide to my hair, knots are popping up like crazy.  “Knot” only that (pun intended), my curls are super tangled.  I have talked a lot about my quest for the proper detangling tool and method.  I have not had a professional trim since October 2010 when I had my hair straightened.  I did a mini trim on my own maybe 2 months ago but I think its time for another.  

Split Ends
If you have split ends, a trim is in order.  If you ignore the split, it will continue to travel up your hair strand…almost like a broken zipper.  If you can picture that, you know what I mean.  Some are not sure if their ends are split.  What does a split end look like?  The more than informative Natural Haven does a great job illustrating this.  Click here for her article on what split ends look like.  I told you about her before – she drops mad science on hair and why it does what it does, what specific role ingredients play in your favorite hair products, etc. 

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