March 07, 2011

Tangle Teezer - It's My Turn, Product Review

So, I shared a few weeks ago that I received my Tangle Teezer in the mail.   I couldn’t wait to try it because of all the hype surrounding it and because I have been on this quest for an emergency detangler.  Anyway, I went to Sally’s to purchase but wouldn’t you know it, turns out it was a Christmas item only!  Who knew?!  I ended up ordering it online from Sally’s through  Go figure!  Anyway, it was $9.99 + shipping.  I also ordered one for my daughter as part of her Valentine’s Day gift pack J.  The blogs have been inundated with stories of what it does or doesn’t do so I was trying to wait for a minute to post my thoughts so here goes.

Here’s what they say!
Is your hair care regime tormented by tangled hair?
Do you spend hours trying to detangle your hair only to find yourself getting nowhere? If you are guilty of repeatedly torturing your hair with incorrect brushes or combs that only tug, tighten and tear tangles from your hair, then class yourself as an undercover hair criminal. However, do not despair as a hair care revelation is at hand, guaranteeing hair rehabilitation - Tangle Teezer Original, the professional detangling hairbrush. So impressive are the results, that it has taken the beauty industry by storm overnight.
An innovation in hair care that gently and effortlessly detangles your hair with no pain. It really is your hair care saviour and a true detangling solution. Tangle Teezer Original is the only brush that is literally changing lives.

Closer look of Teezer Side


Tangle Teezer

Here’s what I say!
What I like:
The look:  Color – the pink is so cute and feminine! 
The price:  Not bad at all but for some reason, I HATE paying for shipping!  Silly, I know.

What surprised me about it:
At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be very user friendly.  The fact that there is no handle had me thinking it would be difficult to maneuver.  Not true at all.  It fits perfect into my small hands and it doesn’t slip and slide through my hands like I thought it would. 

How I used it:
I still followed my normal detangling procedure.  I’ve used it on both cowashed hair and freshly shampooed hair.
1.       Apply Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler/Leave In (ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS)
2.       Apply olive oil
3.       Finger section into 4 sections
4.       Use wide tooth comb to detangle each section
5.       Use the Tangle Teezer to further detangle

Denman Side

What else:
I also did a side by side hair comparison.  I wanted to see the difference in the way my hair looked, if there was a difference at all.  For example, what’s the difference between using the Denman brush and the Tangle Teezer?

Right Side – Denman (I think this is the D3 )
Left Side – Tangle Teezer
Verdict:  The Tangle Teezer definitely came out victorious in this battle.  It basically glided right through my hair with ease while the Denman seemed to pull my hair.  It was a rough ride.  The left side is visibly sleeker and took me less time to detangle.
 *Disclaimer – there are several different types of Denmans so it could be that I am not using the right one for my hair

What do you think?

Would I recommend it to others?
Yep!  I have major detangling difficulties like most curly chics and this really works well. 
Amount of hair loss on each side

What The Natural Haven Says: 
The Natural Haven wasn’t really a big fan …click here to check out her review.

What Curly Nikki Says:
Curly Nikki said it doesn’t get along with her hair.  She has discovered some breakage and has attributed that to this tool.  She’s not 100% sure if it is indeed the culprit but has decided to distance herself from it just in case. J Click here to check out here review.

Rating:  3 out of 5 Curls

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