February 02, 2011

Show Me What You're Working With - Curly Nikki/Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge

So yesterday was Day 1 of the Grow Out challenge.  I was hyped and on fire about it but I have to give myself a thumbs down for not consuming 64 oz of water!  Traded in my glass of water for a pretty glass filled with Margarita mix!  Better luck today! 
Let me show you what I’m working with as far as length. 

Right Side 10 inches
Left Side 10 1/2 inches
Back 11 3/4 inches
A little history – it used to be that my back would be shorter than my sides.  Now my sides are shorter than the back.  I remember as a little girl wanting really long hair.  I had somewhat long hair and was teased about it in elementary school.  I would hear “that’s not your real hair”, “you think you are cute”, etc. etc.  I used to tie brown ribbons on the ends of my hair to make my hair appear longer.  I thought the brown would blend with my hair, thus giving the appearance of long rapunzel braids!  It was rare for little black girls to have long hair and the norm for little white girls to have hair down their backs!  Even as adults, the conversation surrounding hair usually turns to "why is it that white babies are born with no hair and end up with a head full and black babies are just the opposite.  We come out with a ton of hair and then struggle with the growth."  Is growth really related to race?  Well I found this great article written by the Natural Haven.  I check her out daily.  Her blog is super informative, super interesting and it is on point on every topic!  It’s the science of it all!
For this challenge
My Plan of Action:
Water Consumption:  64 ounces per day
Hair Length Goal:  I really don’t have a specific goal.  I just want to see how much length and I can gain and retain.
Plan of Action:  I will continue with my winter hair regimen.
Vitamins:  Continue to take a multi vitamin and biotin supplement.
  * I also take 1 flax seed oil pill 1 teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil with my lunch daily.
Check in:  I will post an update ever 30 days on my progress.

If you would like to share your progress, please send me your photos with the following:
Ø  Water Consumption
Ø  Hair Length Goal
Ø  Your Plan of Action throughout the challenge

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