February 01, 2011

All About The Henna 2

My daughter, Tionne, had her first Henna experience last weekend and she loved loved loved the results!

Her Mixture:
My henna gloss mixture
100g of Celebration BAQ henna
2 cups of hot water
1 cup of lustrasilk shea butter cholesterol formula
1/2 cup of HE Hello Hydration
Mix well
Let sit for 24 hrs
Add your choice of oil before applying

half way through the application process

close up

Sorry I do not have results photos - something happened!  User Error?  Perhaps.  At any rate, she says it's extremely soft and she can see hints of red.  That is her favorite part because I have not decided to allow her to get color yet.  I'm not ready for all of that!

All this Henna talk has me longing to do it.  However, because I already have color and Henna will not produce the color I desire, I will refrain.  I may end up trying Cassia though!

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