February 01, 2011

All About The Henna

Remember I did a NaturalView with Courtney?!  Well she is back to share her Henna experience!
Thanks Court!

Henna Head
Yup.. That's me.. I'm a henna head and I'd like to share my henna routine with you all. My mix is simple but effective.

You'll need the following:

Henna (I use Nupur brand)
Cheap Shampoo/Conditioner
Plastic Mixing Bowl
Plastic or Wooden Spoon
Old Shirt
Saran Wrap

  1. Mix henna and water in your plastic bowl. You'll want to get it to a mud like consistency.
  2. Cover the mixture and let it sit overnight.
  3. When you 're ready to start the process put your gloves on and start putting it in your hair. You want to saturate your hair with it.
  4. When you've finished applying the henna wrap your hair in saran wrap. Then clean your house, run an errand, or watch a movie. You'll want to keep the henna on for about 3-5 hrs.
  5. Now to the fun part! Washing it out. Start by rinsing your hair (water temp doesn't matter). Once I see that I've rinsed out a good amount I start shampooing. Get comfy because you'll be shampooing for at least 15 mins.
  6. Once you've rinsed all the henna out you'll want to do a quick deep condition.
  7. Rinse out your conditioner and style as usual.
    You will LOVE your hair after a henna treatment. Yes it's a bit time consuming but your hair will thank you for it. Don't be scared! Hit up your local Indian Grocery store and come on over to the henna side.

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