March 03, 2011

Its Her Hair Swag

Earlier this week I tweeted about a hair compliment I received. 
"Someone told me "your hair is so sexy!"  I've had my hands all in it ever since!"

It is amazing how a few kinds words tossed your way can alter the way you feel about yourself.  A huge smile quickly took control of my face and immediately, it was a better day.  Kisforkinky recently did a post speaking on hair and the sexiness that surrounds it.  She asks, among other things, how do you style your hair when you want to play up your sexy?  I commented as follows:

"So funny you wrote about this. I plan on posting something regarding feeling sexy. I tweeted about it earlier today! Someone told me my hair was sexy and boy did it turn up my sexy awareness! Usually what brings it out for me is huge huge hair with huge huge earrings! I automatically have a different swag about myself and I feel so much better. Its that moment of loving being a woman!"

It doesn't cost anything to pay someone a compliment.  The compliment I received was from another woman who is sexy in her own right.  Sexy to me does not have refer to the physical act of sex.  It is a confidence that leads your steps, the intelligence that guides your life, and the glow that people cannot ignore.  Someone once told me that I was sexy because I didn't know I was sexy.  The lack of awareness of it all was intriguing. 

Here are a few sexy hair pics!  Share and compliment someone while you do it!




Yeah, that's me!

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