January 20, 2011

6 Protective Styles You Might Like

Protective styles do just that – protect.  Any style that keeps your ends covered and does not require daily manipulation is a protective style.

1.  Weave
Some naturals consider wearing weave as a sign that you are not embracing your own hair or self hatred.  Some have even gone so far as to say that is of slave mentality.  I respect all opinions and as I always say, we all have to make our own decisions.  I, for the most part, have nothing against weave, as long as it is done correctly so as not to harm your own hair.  Adding hair is a way to achieve a different look and also one way to protect your hair. 
Taren916, one of my fave YouTubers does an excellent tutorial on how she does her own.  Click here to check it out!

2.  Two Strand Twists
These can be done on wet or dry hair – depending on the type of look you want. 
(*wet hair will yield more defined and tighter curls, dry hair will yield a looser wave pattern)Some people twist using shea butter and oil, some use twisting gels or creams.  Like most product selection, it will be trial and error.  I prefer to use some type of twisting gel or cream.  (Bee Mine Behold Curly Butter works well – see my previous post) I always use shea butter on the ends as a sealant.
photo credit:  about.com
After sectioning your entire head, I usually do 4 large sections, grab a section of hair.  You can use a comb or your fingers.  Divide the section into 2 even pieces of hair and twist each section of hair around the other.  Do this all the way around the head until complete.

3.  Buns
One of my faves!  I’m wearing one as I type this!  Why do I love it so much????  Well there are a couple of reasons.  One - it is super super easy to do.  It is definitely my lazy, go to in a pinch hairstyle.  I wear it quite often.  Two – I don’t like hair on my face so a smooth but loose bun works well for me.  My previous post with bun pics.  A bun may sound boring but you can do a few things with it.  You can wear it high, wear it low, wear it on the side, with a headband, without a headband, with a decorative scarf of flower.  I typically wear mine up high with a headband.  Be sure to use ouchless ponytail holders to prevent hair loss!  Curly Nikki has a great signature bun that is adorable.   Click here to check it out!  http://www.curlynikki.com/2008/12/curlynikki-bun-pictorial-is-here.html.

4.  Remember my post on Tionne's Protective Style?!
It's a high bun, which is super cute and feminine with a little out in the front to add a little extra.

5.  Braiding
The most common braid styles are the micro braids, with or without extensions, however, I am in love with the braid styles that are not completely braided but the braids are more of an accessory.  These are really cute and different and can be worn for any occasion.

6.  DYOT- Do Your Own Thing!
This allows you to be creative and come up with something that fits you and stands out.  Check out this great style from another of my fave YouTubers, Miss Vaughn.

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