January 20, 2011

NaturalViews with Jewelee

Meet Jewelee

I loved reading Jewelee's story!  She is so sweet and talented too!  Check out my NaturalView with her!

When did your natural journey begin?
My junior year in college I went to Johannesburg, South Africa and wanted to wear my relaxed hair in an easy to manage style, so I asked a friend to put micro braids in my hair. I loved the easiness of having my hair braided so much that after my 6 week trip I got them re-done and even smaller! By the time I took the micro braids out I had about 6 months of new growth. I thought it was GREAT...until I washed my hair and the relaxed texture matted with the new growth thickness! Pretty much, the ONLY solution for fixing my matted mess was chopping it ALL off!
 I thought I would scream and cry but actually remember finding it humorous that my mom and I were in the bathroom with scissors and clippers chopping and buzzing away
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Eventually, my hair grew to my shoulders and started taking such a long time to do. When my hair was shorter I was able to wash it, put gel on, a head band and go! The longer it got the more I had to do to keep it from tangling. My frequent style was to wash it and put small twists in...which took at LEAST 2 hours and lasted about a week. 
Toward the end of my college years I relaxed my hair again in an effort to have manageable hair because it took such a long time to do! I must admit, I HATED getting relaxers! My scalp is VERY sensitive, so putting that harsh chemical on my head was either uncomfortable but tolerable or HORRIBLE and I had to hold the tears back from the burning pain!  It didn’t matter what I did to prepare, I never had a good relaxer experience but loved (most the time) having straight hair...especially when I washed it or was faced against humidity or sweat!

Then I met Tammy J (you are apart of my hair journey, girl!)
and couldn’t believe that her hair was relaxer free but straight (at the time)!! To get it straight she used a flat-iron and that was all I knew. I had to ask who did her hair and if it was expensive. I was super excited to find out that her stylist, Karen Gary did EVERY hair type (natural and relaxed) and was reasonably priced...so I booked an appointment!
I was amazed with my first visit to Karen’s salon, Synergi because she welcomed natural hair and relaxed hair at an affordable price and had me out the door in an hour or less with beautiful hair (I was used to waiting HOURS to get my hair done only to have it look cute about the 2nd or 3rd day)!! Karen also offered workshops for those interested in growing out relaxers and the benefits of having natural, chemical-free hair and how to maintain it ON YOUR OWN! I was a little hesitant to grow my hair out again, especially when the summer humidity hit but remember sitting in her shop one day and one of her clients hair was in a cute curly pony tail and I thought “I can deal, I have to get that!” So here I am today! I transitioned the long way...growing out my relaxer by flat ironing and trimming my ends until all the relaxer was gone and I LOVED my first ALL curly hair day!
What/Who inspired you to go the natural route?
I remember getting my last relaxer and the sensation of burning on my sensitive scalp is ultimately what made the transition to “no more chemicals” a must! Another big part was finding a stylist that did natural hair at a reasonable cost. I knew I couldn’t do it alone...at least learning how to maintain my hair due to previous experiences. Once I found my initial help through Synergi Salon I felt equipped to handle my hair!
How do you rock your natural?  (Curly, straight, locked, etc.)
I still flatiron my hair from time to time but am finding myself experimenting a lot more with different curly styles. My favorite curly style so far is the braid-out, where at night I section and braid my hair in about 12 braids and take them out in the morning.
What is your current routine?
* After I wash and condition my hair I part it into 4 sections to detangle. (I would detangle in the shower but find that my drain gets clogged too easily so I wait until I’m out the shower
* Take the 4 sections and braid each part into 3 or 4 braids. (VERY important that I brush the ends of each braid to curl around my finger – this helps define my curls!)
* After the sections are braided I let my hair dry over night. (I put my satin scarf on my head before I lay my head down!)
* In the morning I take the braids out. (I get best results when my hair is completely dry but have had no choice but to wear it slightly damp and by the end of the day it gets pretty BIG)
As far as products - I have not been sticking to any particular products but really like the Shea Moisture brand conditioners and leave-in. I’m still looking for a deep conditioner and moisturizing gel to use

What is the one thing you love about your hair?
I love the versatility! I can wear it curly or straight without using chemicals.

About your music!
How long have you been singing?

My mother writes music and sings, so I’ve been singing with her for as long as I can remember.
Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
I do! I remember being a nervous wreck the first time I sang in front of people. My voice was so shaky and timid. I found that my nerves don’t affect me as much the more experience I got.
It took singing more often in front of people in order to become stronger! Singing in church on the worship team has really helped me get comfortable with singing and learning how to trust my voice as a God given gift. 

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