May 01, 2013

Hair Care Rehab, Aubrey Davis-Sivasothy – Book Review

A few months ago I started reading “Hair Care Rehab: The Ultimate Hair Repair & Reconditioning Manual” written by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy and got sidetracked due to some medical issues.  Thankfully I picked back up right where I left off and am so happy I did.  In a sea of publications on the subject of hair care, this one definitely stands out. 

Book Description:

Dry Hair. Dandruff. Split Ends. When your hair reaches rock bottom it's time for a little rehab. While we can't permanently undo the damage of the past, Hair Care Rehab: The Ultimate Hair Repair and Reconditioning Manual will give you the blueprint and tools you need to salvage and work with your stressed out hair.
The book is broken down into four separate units:
I)   The Intervention
II)  The Detox
III) Hair Therapy & Treatment
IV) Outpatient Therapy

 It is further divided into chapters within the units – eight to be exact.  Maintaining a healthy care regimen has been discussed at nauseum, however, this publication approaches it from a unique angle.  The rising popularity in owning and embracing natural hair does not come absent of labor, as such, it helps to have a go-to handbook.  All of that being said, here are 3 reasons I love this book:

1.                   Easy read
Most reference material can be labeled as a bit obtuse, thus holding no value to the average layman.  When seeking guidance, it is important that the material be an easy read, meaning easy to follow and easy to comprehend.  The text book format accomplishes this by breaking down the material in a user friendly format, making it easy to navigate.

2.                   Credible data
The fact that this isn’t the author’s first published work lends itself to Mrs. Davis-Sivasothy’s credibility (her first book, The Science of Black Hair: A Guide to Textured Hair Care, focuses more on overall hair care, while this book focuses on repair).  Not only does she provide methods of salvage but she also shares ways to identify potential hair risks and the A B C’s of hair structure, type and form supported by factual data.  I’ve written an entire article on the topic of determining source credibility and this manual fits the bill.

3.                   Comprehensive
Leaving out pertinent information makes any publication null and void.  Hair Care Rehab is a comprehensive guide ideal for anyone interested in maintaining a healthy mane, but especially helpful for those who are rendered helpless and new to the natural hair process.  In short, nothing is left out.  Keep in mind, no one document can individually address every single concern unless it is dedicated with you solely in mind; however, this comes very close.  It does an outstanding job of recapitulating intricate material without overwhelming the reader.

Whatever your hair agenda, I implore you to try pick up this book to confront the hair drama in your life “head on” #cornypunintended. 

About Audrey Davis-Sivasothy


Audrey Davis-Sivasothy is a Houston-based freelance writer, publisher and longtime, healthy hair care advocate and enthusiast. Sivasothy holds a degree in health science and has written extensively on the science of caring for hair at home.

I would like to thank the Davis-Sivasothy team for providing me the opportunity to read and review this book. 

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