May 02, 2013

Crochet Braids Are Here to Stay, Protective Styling – Claudia, Guest Blogger

After moving from Jamaica and living in the US for 4 1/2 years my hair didn't really adjust to the seasonal changes and so what was once full hair became shorter and thinner. This was my first experience of having hair loss and I was not too pleased. Mark you I made it work but I really missed my hair. I've been natural all my life and I just thought that my hair would always be there. The reality is that you never know how much you value something until you lose it.

I quickly realized that I needed to find an answer and I thought of either cutting off my hair or doing dreadlocks. None of the two options appealed to me because there wasn't room for flexibility.
I finally went online to the University of YouTube :) to search for options available. I had absolutely no clue as to what I was searching for but I knew for sure that I needed answers. Soon the words protective style was typed in the search bar and viola the words crochet braids popped up on screen with a video attached. I finally found the answer to my problem.

After watching toysvoice's 3 videos I was totally convinced that this was the option for me and the next day started my wonderful journey.

For some you may be asking what is Crochet Braids? Crochet Braids is one of the best extension protective styles available. It protects your hair, promotes growth, give access to your scalp and assist in retaining length.

I'm so excited about the awesome protective style and for me it has been so amazing.
Not to mention it has really helped my hair to grow.
Life back in Jamaica has been wonderful and I started my own business called Bella Beautiful which has now giving me the opportunity to introduce crochet braids and also serve over 150 clients since February 2012. Crochet Braids is definitely here to stay and it is a yes for me. I'm sure if you give it a try it will be a yes for you too.
Be sure to keep up with this beauty!

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