July 02, 2012

Victoria Secret So Sexy Curl Shape and Define Conditioner, Product Review

While this is not my staple conditioner, it is definitely one I reach for often enough.  It does what it says it will do and for that reason, it’s a keeper.  Let’s get into it.

The ingredients are not bad, however, there are cones listed throughout so if you are not a fan of cones, I suggest using an anti residue after use.  It is for this reason that I do not use it every week, but I do like it and plan on repurchasing.  It also contains glycerin, so if your hair doesn’t agree with glycerin or you only use glycerin during certain times of year, be aware.  Water is the #1 ingredient on the bottle which is a huge plus.  I apologize but I could not find a comprehensive list of ingredients anywhere online.

After shampooing, massage into wet hair from roots to ends.  Rinse thoroughly.  Towel dry and follow with So Sexy Shape and Define Curl Cream, which I also purchased, in addition to the So Sexy Color Protect & Revive Conditioner.  I will review these at a later date but I haven’t used these two as much.

Product Claims
Fights frizz for shiny, controlled, curly style.  Curly/Wavy Hair.  Infuses curls with moisture for added spring and energy.

I am not normally a flowery smell type girl but this scent is “certified date friendly”.  It is so feminine and clean and it makes you feel sexy, go figure!  It’s light and not at all overpowering but remains present after rinsed.  It’s the kind of scent that will make someone close do a double sniff.   Not surprising, fragrance is the 4th item on the ingredient list.  

It has a very cream consistency and does not leave any greasy residue on your hands.  It comes out easily and application and distribution is a breeze.   

The cost is $12 which is about what you would expect from Victoria’s Secret.  However, when I made my purchase it was on sale (3/$24) so I didn’t pay full price.  I would not use this as a co-wash because of the price.

Curb Appeal
It is packaged in the cutest slender bottle and your eye is automatically drawn to it.  This sounds crazy but the bottle itself is sexy.  It’s curved at the bottom with a flip lid, which is nice because the lid doesn’t slip out of your hands in the shower.

How I used it  
I applied a liberal amount of the conditioner just as I would any normal conditioner after shampooing my hair.  It has tons of slip and left my hair extremely soft and moisturized and the scent lingers even after rinsing, which is great.  It’s almost like a perfume for your hair. 

Rating:  3 out of 5 Curls.

If you have used this product, share your results in the comments below, hit me up on facebook or send me your story to share with readers!

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