May 29, 2012

Wash and Go Revisit …by default

This past weekend I had a lot going on, like most.  I attended the New Edition concert and yes it was awesome and yes Bobby Brown showed up!  I rocked a twist out (sorry no pics) that ended up being a #BAF (big a$$ fro) but in a cute a$$ way.  After a really late night, my fingers could not muster up an ounce of energy to safely and responsibly tie my hair up.  I woke up to absolute chaos.  I still had to continue on with life which included getting my son to his weekly swim lessons which meant I had to work with what I had.  Translation?  A wash and go. 
I literally had no time to do anything else before bolting out the house.  I co-washed with Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Color Protect and Revive Conditioner.  I do not particularly care for most of the ingredients and the price is too high ($12) to be used as a co-wash but it happened to be what I used the previous night when I shampooed, therefore it was still in the shower so I used it.  It also smells super good.  Very feminine and sexy!   
Anywho, I also used Curls In A Bottle on my curls for the first time, review to follow, and left the house.  I’ve had it for months but it remained unopened until now.  Since I like to use products several times before sharing my thoughts, stay tuned but if you just can’t wait, check out what my girl, Elle had to say about it a few years back.  The weather was beyond humid and over 90 degrees which was one of the factors I considered when I grabbed it.  I had to attend a wedding a few hours later and again had no time to do anything to my hair so I rewet it with a spray bottle, added a tad more Curls In A Bottle and again headed out. 

Michelle, ME, Johncie, Angie

Although I was once the queen of wash and go’s, I am not a huge a fan as I’ve said before but everyone else seemed to dig it.  #gofigure.  It works in a pinch which is what I was I was working with all weekend.  I did take Elle’s advice on section application this time and I have to say she was right.  It was a much smoother process so I am not against bringing it out of retirement on occassion.  On Sunday, I again had to dash out for an anniversary dinner so I stuck with it yet another day.  Come Monday I couldn’t wait to get my hands in it and omg it was so matted and felt disgusting!  It’s what happens when you neglect your curls (I didn’t put it up at night), especially when its out and about blowing all over the place.  I ended up finger detangling and putting it in a protected style.  Enough is enough already!  I don’t want to even think about my hair the rest of the week!
What is your default hairstyle?

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LaNeshe said...

I just came back from vacation and after late nights and getting up early morning wash and go's were my go to as well. I don't really like them too often because I feel like I use a lot of product to get a one day style, BUT it works in a pinch when I haven't had time to twist my hair.