May 30, 2012

The Hard Part About Being Natural

Curls and coils are not like try on a pair and either they fit or they don’t, you either wear a 7 or you don’t.  Sometimes you buy a 7 knowing damn well you wear an 8 but all they have is a 7 and you can’t envision leaving the store without them.  Textured hair is a little different – today it may look one way, by the end of the day, totally different and the next day, yet another look.  It does keep it interesting and the versatility is huge appeal but it’s also what makes it so hard to nail down an exact regimen or find “the product”.  If used under different circumstances, during different seasons, at different lengths, etc, the result will be different.  Let’s be clear, I am a natural hair aficionado, but sometimes the unpredictable nature of it all is annoying.  #thatisall
What’s the hardest part about being natural for you?

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LaNeshe said...

For me the hardest part was transitioning. Dealing with two textures of hair was just...HARD. Now that I've been natural for a while I've got a good handle on my styling and regimen.