May 16, 2012

It's Gon' Rain On Yo Head!

The Color Purple is full of those memorable one liners that you never forget.  Squeak, played by Rae Dawn Chong, delivered one of my faves! 
April is typically known as the rainiest month of the year in most parts of the country.  While it has come and gone, May still promises more rainy days ahead.  Most naturals, including me, boast about no longer needing an umbrella when it’s raining outside.  I have to say, I’ve had to rethink that notion.  I’ll admit, my level of worry when it comes to my hair getting wet, isn’t what is once was in my relaxed life, but venturing out without an umbrella?  Negative.  Natural hair and all, I prefer the armor of an umbrella.  I typically rock a dry twist out or dry braid out so water is not my ally on days like this.  Since these are generally “stretch friendly” styles, exposure to the element of water causing it revert back to its shrunken state, is not a good look.  What I will say is that rain does not signal the end of the world or even the start of a bad hair day if it does happen to get wet, it simply changes up the initial style direction.  The great thing about living natural is you are the only one who is privy to that information.  To everyone else, you meant to do that. April showers bring May flowers!!!
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Do you head out and about without your rain gear?

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