May 17, 2012

Gallery Hop

Ok this post is from a few weeks ago when my friends and I made our way to the Gallery Hop, a local monthly event showcasing artists, live music, vendors and of course eateries and wine tasting.  The latter being my personal fave.  It also happened to be Cinco de Mayo so there was an extra Spanish flair in the air. 

It was not too hot, not too cold, which made for interesting wardrobe decisions.  I wore skinny jeans and a button down with flip flops and a hat.  I was quite comfy and it ended up being a good choice.  As we made our way up and down the main drag, we hit the ice cream shop first.  I was holding out for a real meal and opted to skip the pre-dinner dessert. 

We stopped at “Wine On High” for some wine tasting #grownfolks.  We purchased 6 selections for $10 which I think is really good.  The pour is about 2-3 ounces per taste which was more than sufficient.   Anymore than 6 during the same tasting would be confusing to your palate.  My fave for the night?  Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, which was a red, semi-dry taste. 

My fave wine for the night
My 3 besties - Tammy, Johncie, Angie

Naturally curlies in the house
After the wine tasting, I was on the hunt for some candles.  We came across this shop called “The Candle Lab”.  Love love this place!  I was looking for 2 very specific scents that I burn together because they compliment each other; vanilla bean and lavender.  The combined scent is simply heavenly.  I am not a fan of flowery candle smells or candles that smell like food.  I prefer clean smells such as linen or aromatherapy scents such as jasmine.  Anyway, this particular place you could make your own candle and chose your own smells, however many you’d like to combine, while you sip on free drinks.  Super excited!  I ended up making my candle with the vanilla bean and lavender scent.  I love it!  They had a deal where you buy 3 candles get one free so I walked out with 4 candles.  Stay tuned for the rest of the evening.
Are there similar events in your area?

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