May 18, 2012

Gallery Hop 2

Oils for candles
After leaving The Candle Lab, we headed to a sports bar called Mac’s.  This food was delish, I mean the chicken philly was EVERYTHING and those fries!  Man did I feel guilty the next day.  After our meal, we walked it off and caught a little entertainment with a band playing on the street and ran into a few natural beauties. 
*Side note on my hair – this is a dry twist out using water and shea butter. 
Me creating my candle

Naturals on the scene
We then made our way to the cutest little shop.  The atmosphere was lively and inviting.  There was a live DJ who was on point, which of course made you stay longer, and there was a free photo booth.  My girlfriend ended up buying some black pumps which were fiya.  Wish I would’ve snapped a pic but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.  All in all, it was a great night. 

the band

Naturals on the scene - aren't they cute?  I thought they were twins at first!
So far I have no plans for the weekend.  What about you?
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