March 26, 2012

It Takes Two To Detangle, The Detangling Series

Meaning two hands, multiple fingers.  Natural hair, a dichotomy like most things in life.  You have to take the good with the bad.  For those who decide the good outweigh the bad, it is a lifelong relationship and requires work.  A major source of contention seems to be the detangling process.  Knots and tangles plague most natural hair beauties, especially once the hair is a certain length and quite simply it comes with the territory.  The detangling process is one I could live without but my hair could not. Outside of deep conditioning, I spend more time detangling my textured hair than anything else.

Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes
Prior to shampooing I finger detangle as part of my pre poo process. Post shampoo I detangle. Before I can style I detangle. I rarely use a comb anymore.  For me, there is no real logic behind it other than the fact that its one less step I have to incorporate, one less tool I have to lay my hands on.  If my fingers can't get the job done for whatever reason I will grab the wide tooth or if I am styling in a manner where precision is important I will grab the rat tail but other than that, no comb.  I gently section my hair into 6 sections initially and then proceed to detangle each subsection.  I find that I experience less shedding and save a lot of time.

Check out this textured beauty’s video on the topic.  Can you say #lengthretention?

What is your detangling process?

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