February 24, 2012

NaturalView With Nnkea

Meet Nnkea

I initially met this textured hair beauty at a private natural hair celebration for The Coil Review in New Jersey.  Since that time we have stayed connected via email and supporting each other’s blogs.  I am so happy to share a little bit of Nnkea with everyone.  She is honest and transparent in a way that makes you want to ask her even more questions.  Enjoy!
Name 3 things you love about your hair.
One thing I love about my hair is how much of it there is.  I love the volume!  I may not have always appreciated how much of it there is, but now I do.  Maybe it's because I am constantly reading or speaking to women who complain about thin hair.  You can't imagine how long I pondered over this question. Only to realize that volume is the only thing I love about my hair.  I am sure as I go further on this journey I will find more "things" that I love about my hair.

How does your hair influence your sense of fashion?
I've noticed that after some women embrace their natural textures, they seem to follow the thrifty chic style; consignment shopping, thrift stores, bohemian, big chunky jewelry etc.  My style has nothing to do with my hair.  It's more influenced by my age, and the pages of Vogue magazine.  I still love a tight dress (now closer to my knee), skinny heel, and simple stud!

Most naturals have a love hate relationship with their hair.  What’s the relationship between you and your coils? 
I have a hate, dislike relationship with my hair.  Most days there is hardly any love.  Maybe if it wasn't always breaking and dry, I’d love it a bit more.  What I dislike about my hair is it seems to want full control. I may plan or want to do a style, but my hair won't let me.  I may plan to spend 15 minutes, but my hair wants an hour.  Don't get me wrong, on a rare occasion it does make me proud, by looking fabulous.  However, those days are the exceptions, not the rule.

How have blogs and vlogs helped you in your hair journey?
When I first started to care for my natural hair a year ago, I watched every vlog I could find.  I put aside an entire day to watch all of Kimmaytube's channel.  That was a day well spent!  Currently, I use YouTube like an encyclopedia, if I have a problem or question off to YouTube I go.  Personally, I prefer to read than watch, but I know I am in the minority.  I do have a few blogs that I frequent often to see if there is anything new.  I think all of us are always on the search for "something new".  The first blog that had me hooked was Mop Top Maven, that girl has a great head of hair, and I always felt she gave full disclosure.

Do you feel you have found your natural hair swag?  Why or why not?
I wouldn't be honest if I said I've found my swag.  Many times I thought I was close to finding it, but a setback or two deprived me of swag.  I admire those women that say they "know my hair", they "know what it wants", and "when it needs it".  To me that's true swag!  After I become one of them, I'll finally have some serious swagger!

What are your staple hair products?
 My hair products are always changing because I am constantly trying to fix my hair issues (i.e. breakage, and dryness).  At the moment my only true staple products are JessiCurl Weekly Deep Conditioner, and Aztec Bentonite Clay.
How does your mood affect the way you rock your natural?
My mood does not affect the way I rock my hair.  Most days I rock a protective style during the week, and if I'm going out an updo on the weekend.  What my mood does affect is how well I care for my hair. If I am not in a good mood I do an abbreviated wash routine.  If the birds are singing and I'm happy, I do the extensive wash routine.

How do you feel about naturals who choose to wear their hair straight?
I am not a hair nazi, if someone chooses to rock their hair straight that's their prerogative. Do you I always say!

How has your hair care routine changed from the early stages to now if at all?
My hair routine is constantly changing.  In the beginning I did as little as possible, and that yielded luke warm results.  Then I over did it and did everything I could, but that yielded the same result.  Nowadays, I am more focused on what I put in my body, than on top of my hair.  Still, I do have two routines; one takes many hours, the other only two.

Do you have a signature hairstyle?  Please share and elaborate on why it’s your signature.
Even though I don't love it to death, I do have a signature style. It's the style I do whenever I am frustrated with my hair.  I grab a million hair pins, push my hair to the top of my head and then pin. It's the easiest thing I can do.

This is my second natural hair journey, the first one lasted 2 years.  However, the whole time my hair was hidden under weaves.  With this current journey, I've made great strides.  Yes I am not the most happy natural.  I have not given my hair a nickname.  What has taken me some time to embrace, others fell in love with at first glance.  Still I know this is it for me!  Even with all the issues, I honestly can't see myself going back to the creamy crack.

Who do I admire in this natural hair community of ours? The ladies I admire don't all have long hair.  I am constantly in awe of teenagers who decide to forgo chemical relaxers.  I remember being a teenager, and I am/was never that brave!  I watch their videos, read their blogs.  Sometimes I invade their unique section on the curlynikki.com forum. It's simply remarkable that someone so young can ignore what the majority does.  These young women are at a place it took me years to reach.  The place where I've accepted everything about me, and told the world their opinion doesn't count.

You can keep up with Nnkea and her journey via the following media outlets.

The Blog, The NYC Meetup group and Facebook.

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