February 24, 2012

Natural Hair Boot Camp Tips


·    Get your mind right
Get over/Reject the idea that natural hair is going to be minimal effort.  Anything of value requires work.  Yes it would be great to roll out of your comfortable bed, do a few head shakes and keep it moving.  However, is this reality?  NO.  Sounds like a movie to me.  Much like that girl who wakes up in full make up and no head scarf.  You could do that; however, what results would that yield?  Not so good ones.  Accept the fact that you will need to dedicate time to care for your mane.

·    Create a regimen
This may sound like a big deal – that’s because it is.  A regimen is simply a systematic plan for your hair care process.  For the most part, we have a regimen for most things in life; automobile service, job duties, etc. and hair care should be no different.  This is one area where winging it will not cut it.  The great thing about a regimen is once it’s created, there’s nothing else to do but follow it.  Implementing and executing this structure will make life for you and your mane so much easier.

·    Stick with what you know
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Once you have deciphered what works for you and your hair in terms of lifestyle and personal style, stick with it.  It takes time to derive a formula that delivers satisfactory results so once you’ve found “it”, don’t waste time looking for the next best thing.  It is ok to try new things on occasion, especially when experiencing climate changes or hair changes related to health issues, but constant experimentation will wreak havoc on your wallet.

·    Have a Plan B
No matter how much preparation you do, ish happens.  At some point your hair will rebel and it’s usually when you have somewhere important to go.  Life is not absent of turbulence so preparation is imperative.  What do you do if you wake up late or last minute plans come up?  What is your plan B for the style you thought you were going to rock?  It should be something that can you can produce in a pinch.

Feel free to add to this list and share with a curlfriend!

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