June 21, 2011

Headaches & Food, Angela - Guest Blogger


I have been a headache sufferer for at least 3 years now and boy, it has not been fun, to say the least. Initially, I thought that my headaches were due to an IUD birth control that I was using. Unfortunately, that was not the culprit, as this IUD has since been removed and the headaches are still here. I then thought, “Oh No! Could I have something going on in my brain?” After several CT scans and MRI’s, doctors were unable to locate anything out of the ordinary. Thank God! But, here I am, with the headaches. Still. So severe that I am often nauseas. So, what in the world could it be that is causing these headaches, keeping me up at night and unable to focus? FOOD!
After during some research on WebMd, I’ve learned that some of the chemicals in our food could in fact cause painful headaches. Some of these foods include:
·         MSG
·         Red Wine
·         Cheese
·         Chocolate
·         Processed Meats
Having an unhealthy weight can also be a factor of painful headaches.
Now that I have my work cut out for me, I can be cognizant of the things that may trigger this pain in my head. If you are a sufferer of headaches and cannot figure out the root cause of the pain, try keeping a daily log of what you eat. When a headache strikes, this log will be an aid in hopefully preventing future headaches.

Stay Healthy!

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