June 20, 2011

Roller Set Epic #Fail

Mother May I Have A Do Over? 

Back in my relaxed days I was the roller set queen.  I loved the body and bounce created.

I ended up bunning it :(  One time for the bunners!

Please help ladies!  Somebody, anyone, can you offer some tips on how to achieve awesome results with a roller set?  Don't know when I'll attempt again because it's too freakin hot to deal with a hooded dryner now.  This was done in early May before the weather heated up.


kaydensmum said...

Weeeeellll.. It made a pretty bun!

Brooklyn Curlz said...

Hi Curly Chic! I just love your hair and your blog which I read daily. Do you mind me asking what hair color you had in your hair before you darkened it? I think it would look great with my curls. I am guessing that it is honey blonde with some highlights. Thank you in advance!

Curly Chic said...

@Brooklyn Curlz
You are very sweet! Thank you so much! Both my hair & my blog are works in progress! 
I wish I could tell you what color was in my hair because it was a mixture of bleach and 2 other blonde colors. I have no idea what they are – sorry. I usually just sit in my stylist’s chair and say give me lots of blonde. Back in the day, I did rock honey blonde though. Send me a pic of your hair!  Click on the email in the top right corner.

I had to work it out some kinda way! When it doubt, bun it!  Thanks!

Vasthie said...

Maybe you need to stretch it out more before you attempt the next time

Curly Chic said...

@Vasthie - Really? I never even thought about that. I may have to try that next time! Maybe in the fall. Thanks for the suggestion.