June 22, 2011

Camelot Cellar

The Camelot Cellar is a spot I have been to on several occassions for wine tasting, wine making, and plenty of memories.  It's so cute inside.  You can go in and partake in wine tasting for $1 per taste.  We ended up having 5 before we left.  My pallette was very pleased.  You can reserve this spot for private parties, which I did for my birthday, and then come back to make your own wine.  No grape stomping involved. 
After you make the wine, you come back to bottle and cork and then come back again for labeling.  They make great gifts.

My Fab 5
Italian Pinot Grigio
Johannisberg Riesling
*Washington Riesling
Riesling Ice Wine
Cab Franc Ice Wine
        *My Favorite

Johncie's Fab 5
Peach Ice Wine
Strawberry White Merlot
*Cab Franc Ice Wine
        *Her Favorite

Oh the hair - nothing special.  Mine was a left over braid out and Johncie's was a wash n go.  It was incredibly hot, sticky and windy on this day but no worries.  A good time was had by all.  After this we hit up one my favorite restaurants, The Rossi.  I will do a separate post about that.  Delish!

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