May 18, 2011

Pollen & Stress - Recipe for Disaster

Perusing the blogs, you know how I do; I came across this article about 2 things that plague me- stress and allergies!  Yuk!  Check it out:
Stress, Anxiety Can Make Allergy Attacks Even More Miserable And Last Longer

Yet another reason for me to decrease my stress.  I had no idea the two were related but I suppose it makes sense.  I suffer severely from allergies and have all of my life.  Admittedly, it has subsided a smidgen over the years, if you call no longer having your eyes glued shut in the morning, progress.  Unfortunately, I have passed this curse on to one of my offspring.  It doesn’t appear that my youngest suffers from it just yet, but it could be too early to determine.  Allergies are one of those things you can only relate to if you battle them.  Those who don’t battle allergies typically downplay it as a bunch of sneezing and that’s it.  I wish that’s all it was.  All of that sneezing causes drainage and sometimes nose bleeds.  It’s also accompanied by puffy eye syndrome, which I suffer from all year round, sinus headaches, congestion, etc.  It’s almost like having a summer cold, only it doesn’t go away!  It’s no picnic and the symptoms are heightened from May through October.  Anyway, here a few ways I battle my chronic ailment:
1.   Drugs
I pop an allergy pill daily, along with my other vitamins.  I used to take allergy shots, which I may revisit.
2.   Master Cleanse
I typically do this 3x per year and I believe it helps with allergies as well.  I will be embarking on my next cleanse journey this weekend.
3.   Air conditioner
Even though sometimes I prefer outside air, my allergies do not, so I try to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible. 
4.   Limit fuss in other areas – such as my hair!  Wash and go here I come for the summer.  This is my staple go to style all summer.  I may do a few buns in between but they will still be wash and go buns.  This also eliminates me bringing allergens into the house through my hair.
5.   Wear shades
This is a fashion statement for most but a necessity for me.  Sunglasses provide a little protection against the pollen traveling in the air.  The less contact for me, the better!

If you put in your city and zip code, it will give you an Allergy Forecast for the week.  This is how it looks for me this week!

Curly Chic

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