May 18, 2011

Get up, Move and Increase Job Performance - Health Tip of the Week from Angela

Have you been feeling a bit lethargic lately at work and then are too tired to do anything by the time you arrive home? Do you often find yourself in a food coma after you’ve consumed something you possibly shouldn’t have? *looks around* *raises hand* Thankfully, GEHA, provides some sound advice to sharpen our minds while in the workplace. Take a look at some of the tips shared:

·         Be your best, do your best: By having a brisk walk during your morning break, it helps balance neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the brain. The benefits? You will feel calmer and more alert when you’re done!
·         Cardio: If possible, during your lunch break, take a cardio class. Research shows that after a workout, brain flow is at its peak. This will help with optimal performance needed to focus on detailed tasks.
·         Be the role model: Create a quick exercise or stretch program that allows everyone to be able to participate. A quick 10 minute routine will undoubtedly lift spirits, relieve anxiety and depression and enhance energy.
Just like exercising our body, we have to exercise our brain.  What are some things that you do throughout the work day to keep your mind active and engaged?

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