May 19, 2011

Substance - The Clothes You Keep

My bbf and I spent the day checking out vintage shops, breaking bread and wine sipping.  My kind of Saturday!  We are both super busy moms so it was nice to have some girl time.  As we almost skipped down the streets of the Short North District, we were like two children at a carnival. Carefree, no worries, almost nostalgic! (We've been joined at the hip since we were 9 or 10 years old.  The wind was blowing through our hair, the sun was out, Spring was in full effect.

The district is full of quaint little shops, fashion forward boutiques and palette pleasing restaurants.  Our first stop was an adorable little storefront called The Substance. 

Owner: Christina Getachew
783 N High St
Columbus, OH  43215

There is no shortage of substance at the self proclaimed "Fashion for the Conscious" boutique, just as the name suggests.  The few pieces in the window were so appealing to the eye, it was impossible to walk by without taking a look see!  The shelves are plagued with organic threads and sustainable pieces made mostly of organic and recycled materials.  Some of them made by local designers and artisans, which I think is awesome. 

Ayisha, Design and Merchandising Manager, was more than helpful with our multitude of inquiries about the unique pieces housed here.  Yes, she is a lovely natural curlista as well.  I was even more excited about that.  I always get a feeling of sisterhood when I see another coily headed lovely walking the streets! 

This t-shirt immediately caught my eye as I perused the racks of eco-friendly fabrics.

This dress is one of my favorites.  This original design looks comfortable without sacrificing style.  It is full of personality.

I am always on a quest for unique jewelry and Substance did not disappoint.  So many items that I wish I could've added to my jewelry arsenal but this is one of the rare times I practiced some discipline.  Handcrafted specialty items decorate this table.


Christina, the proud owner, yes, another lovely natural was extremely hospitable and happy to tell us about her establishment. There is an upper level loft area where they showcase local talent, and have candles, bath salts, etc. for sale as well.  A one-stop shop, if you will.

Customer service seems to be a commodity these days, so this was a welcomed change.  The atmosphere of the store was warm, inviting and friendly and I can’t wait to return.  This time, discipline will not accompany me.
“Substance – homogeneous material with a definite composition.  Solid or meaningful quality.”
For more on Substance, visit their website at and their blog at

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