March 11, 2011

Lola's Green Hair

If you’re like me, you have enough products in your hair care arsenal to open your own beauty supply store!  I can’t tell you how many hair creams, butters, shampoos and conditioners I have.  Some of which didn’t particularly work for me and my curls.  I usually end up passing it on to my daughter or a friend or I simply hold on to it and revisit it later.  However,
 a few months ago, a friend told me about Lola’s Green Hair.  This site is the great solution for all of us crazy curly product addicts.  All of those products you have tried a few times and decided weren’t for you, you can use this site as the vehicle to sell.  The site specifically says “gently used” so use your discretion as to what would be suitable to sell.  What would you pay for if you were to make a purchase?  Which brings me to the next great thing about this site.  Is there a product you’ve been wanting to try but you feel the price risk associated is too great?  Purchase it here!  In addition, there is a section entitled “Much ado about everything” where hot topics are tackled, mostly about hair but not only about hair.  At any rate, check it out!

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