March 14, 2011

Hair Comradery


If you haven’t checked out the latest Jet Magazine issue, pick it up today or borrow someone’s copy.  The beautiful Nia Long is on the cover talking about her new film, Mooz-lum.  Talk about making me want to step my game up!  Her beauty seems timeless and she and I are the same age!  She looks just as gorgeous, if not better, than she did when she played Cat on The Guiding Light waaaaaay back in the day. 
There’s also a great article in this issue entitled “Party Over Hair”.  As I flipped through the pages, a page with several black women congregating caught my eye.  Upon closer look, I realized it was an article about natural hair and the movement it has become.  I get so excited when I see this topic popping up everywhere.  I wish all of this hype was around when I first began my journey 7 years ago.  Maybe it was and I simply was not aware.  There were no images of kinky brown people in Dove commercials at that time and there certainly wasn’t an influx of blogs and YouTube tutorials.  The article surrounds Morria Bowens of Atlanta, Ga. and her own hairstory.  She was inspired by Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” in 2009 and has not looked back since.  I wonder if he ever envisioned the contribution his movie would make to women being enlightened and educated about their hair.  Morria has taken her knowledge one step further by including other women to take part in her journey as well as helping them along their own journey.  She hosts natural hair care parties in different cities providing haireducation to women in search of support and inspiration.  These workshops consist of product information, product swapping and ideas to get women through the transition and maintain their naturalhood.   Anything that promotes comradery among black women is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Morria is a friend of mine. I'm going to share this post with her!

Curly Chic said...

Oh really? That's great! Tell her she is doing great things! :) Have you seen the article?