February 24, 2011

Just Juices and Berries

We spend so much time, or maybe it’s just me, trying to find the right product.  Search Engines are at full capacity with everyone glued to their computer monitors in search of “the one”.  Blogs and YouTube do their best to provide us with the latest and greatest product finds!  Hell, sometimes I stroll through the aisles at Whole Foods or Target for no other reason than to find a new playmate for my curls!  Twist cream this, hair gel that!  When is enough enough?!!  Profitable for the hair product industry?  Yes, of course, its capitalism at its best!  But why do we keep looking even if we already have products that work just fine in our stock? 
Check out my girl, Courtney’s latest photos of her hair with nothing except Eco Styler and H2O.  Looks fab! 

3 day old Wash and Go

I can’t help but think of one of my favorite Eddie Murphy movies, Coming To America as I write this post.  Check it out and have an afternoon laugh on me!

Oh yeah, speaking of Juices and Berries – I just purchased some and have been using it all week.  Product Review to come soon!  LOL! 


kaydensmum said...

You know this wasn't one of my favorites so I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks!

Robin said...

Very cool. I often steer away from many products because of chemicals. Ima get on my juice and berries!! I use she a butter but I feel like it's not getting it done. I have a lot of hair and want to moisturize as quickly as possible. Let me know what your using.