February 16, 2011

Cassia - What is it?

I did a couple posts on Henna thanks to the lovely Ms. Courtney and my baby girl, Tionne.  I would love to try it out, however, I am truly not a good candidate for it.  As an alternative, I am considering Cassia.  I want the conditioning benefits of henna but I do not want the "red" highlights that henna deposits onto the hair. 

My hairdresser colors my hair with lighteners and bleach...that will never change for me - even though I know it's not the healthiest thing for my hair. (#dontjudgeme) It is something I have decided I will live with!  Because of my decision to continue to color, I know I must do a little something extra to take care of it.  Deep conditioning is already a huge part of my hair care regimen.  I think the next step is the Cassia.

What attracts me to the procedure?  A couple of things
1.      It does not deposit color but it can add some mild yellow tones
2.      It provides shine – big plus
3.      It is an herb that helps condition and strengthen

How to use:
Based on what I read on Mehandi I plan to do the following:
·    Stir enough warm water into cassia to product a texture similar to that of yogurt
  • Section hair into 4 detangled sections
  • Apply the product throughout hair
  • Wrap hair in plastic wrap and leave mixture on for approximately one hour
  • Rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo.  Hair should feel heavy, thick and silky                           (Results should last one month, repeat.  Most report more curl after use)
                                                                                                                                                                    I found a very helpful YouTube video that I have included below.  She gives you her step by step application process.

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