December 30, 2010

I Got All My Naturals With Me!

So I shared a photo  with you guys on Christmas Day of me and my bestest friends.  We have been friends for years and we are all natural.  I love this photo because it points out the versatility natural hair brings.  You do not have to wear an afro, which for some reason people tend to shy away from, you don't have to have "good hair" , whatever, that means, and you don't have to wear braids all the time.  You can straighten your hair or just let it do what it wants to do!  The great thing is you can do any or all of these things whenever you chose!  We all have different regimens and lifestyles and we all enjoy the freedom of the natural! 

Want to share pics of your natural crew?  Please send to with “All My Naturals” in the subject line and I’ll post!

Shout out to photographer, Lewis Duval for his awesome talent!

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