December 30, 2010

CURLS Milkshake, Product Review

Curly Nikki has been raving about Curls Milkshake and Curls Souffle Cream.  After seeing her results pics, I had to give them a try!  Did I expect the same results as hers or expect my hair to look exactly like hers?  Of course not, that's unrealistic but I did expect favorable results. 

First on deck - Curls Milkshake
Ingredients:Purified water, certified organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium methosulfate, Certified Organic jojoba oil, cetrimonium chloride, soy protein, soyamidoprpylkonium chloride, allantoin, soy lecithin, Certified Organic sweet almond milk, Certified Organic coconut milk, Certified Organic aloe vera milk, milk amino acids, buttermilk, Certified Organic arnica extract, Certified Organic lavender extract, Certified Organic chamomile extract, Certified Organicwhite tea extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, fragrance.

It is said to be the “perfect 4-in-1 leave-in for all curlies . . . especially for those with needy, dry curls. It will define, defrizz, revive, hydrate and soften dry curls. Derived from natural milks and exotic extracts, this moisturizing cream will bring life back to your overworked tresses.”

I did enjoy the smell - it kind of reminded me of a candle called "Birthday Cake" but it wasn't an overwhelming smell.  The texture is just like you would think, like that of a creamy milkshake – but not a thick milkshake.  It is very light so you don't feel as if you have a ton of product on your hair.  Ok so the claim to "revive, hydrate and soften dry curls" is what sealed the deal for me.  I am always trying to find something for moisture - especially right now because it is so cold outside and we all know how the cold affects our skin and hair, especially naturals.  You have to do more to combat the harshness so I looked at it as a plus, another plus, and another plus on these three promises!  Did they deliver?  Well, yes and no.  My hair was extremely soft and hydrated for the first few days.  After the second day, it was a little dry and frizzy.  Remember, I do like a little frizz but not coupled with dryness.  On the second day, I dampened it with a spray bottle, added more product and re braided.  My hair seemed even more dry and frizzy.  I found myself having to add alot more oil and shea to make it not look so thirsty.  I haven't given up on the product because perhaps its user error.  I think I made the mistake of using it as a styler, which it is not. 

I shared photos of my hair on this post.

Next review – Curls Souffle Cream!

Rating: 2 out of 5 Curls

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