June 07, 2013

The World Didn’t Come To an End

I Didn’t Twist My Hair Last Night and the World Didn’t Come To an End

Ok, ok, before you turn up and start going in on me about breaking a cardinal natural hair care sin, let me explain a few things.  I am a rule follower; I don’t cuss in front of my parents, I don’t liter, and I don’t run red lights.  So of course I am all too familiar with the basic nighttime ritual rules; must rebraid/retwist or pineapple, must sleep in satin scarf.  However, there are some days when I have no intention of leaving my house the next day or when I am just not feeling it, I confess to laying my head down on a satin pillow case and calling it a night.  Such was the case last week.  Try as I might, I could not will myself to stand in front of nobody’s mirror and do anything to my massive coils besides look at it.  The thought of separating, spraying, or anything of that nature was exhausting so I literally said eff it and went to bed.  The ultimate blasphemy against natural hair code, I know.

The next day, still on my rebel *ish, I went about my day around the house without a hair care in the world.  Until….I received a phone call requesting my presence at dinner.  “Of course!” I responded.  As soon as the words left my lips, I had this feeling of regret in my stomach.  I immediately saw myself walking away from the mirror the night before and wished I could turn back the clock.  My left hand involuntarily went up to my coif and started feeling around.  What am I going to do with my hair?  I went to the mirror and that feeling of regret turned into straight panic.  I started thinking of all of the beautiful natural hair You Tubers who look so fab with their afros and chunky manes.  The look I’ve always crushed hard on but thought I could never achieve because of my curl pattern.  I then realized I could rock that look too or at least something close to it.  I ended up shaking my hair out, throwing on some face paint and heading out the door.  I’d put so much credence on natural hair conduct that I didn’t consider how much it was influencing my options.  Now of course there are other ramifications to such incongruous behavior as not following the “nighttime regimen” but it’s not the end of the world.  Another natural hair lesson learned.

What natural hair transgressions have you committed but it turned better than you thought?

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Kahleel Hamilton said...

Sometimes you just want to go to bed. You shouldn't feel like you're being held captive by the state of your hair.
Kudos to you for not allowing your hair to control you.

Shelly GlamNaturallife said...

I so feel you on this girl! I swear since I bought a satin pillowcase few months ago I have been slacking on re-twisting. But i swear my afro is popping next day. lol!

Love your blog girl. Very inspiring.

Check out my blog www.glamnaturallife.com

Curly Chic said...

@Kahleel Thank you so much!I'll definitely check out your blog.

Curly Chic said...

@Shelly Definitely embracing my new found fro-ness!You should see it today :) Thansk so much and I'll be sure to check out your blog.