April 03, 2013

Bun Day Hump Day

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As of late I’ve been really enjoying my curls so much that I’ve worn my hair out nearly every day.  This morning I decided to get back to the business of bunning, which was once my signature look.  I woke up this morning feeling every bit of Wednesday and just wasn’t feeling hair in my face, hair all over the place, etc.  So instead of taking my nighttime pineapple down and shaking it out, I decided to leave the pineapple, tuck the hair in and walk out the door.  Instead of covering my head with a shower cap I opted to allow the mist and steam from the shower to do its thing.  My goal, keep it as simple as possible today.  I reached for my Curls Passion Fruit Pomade (review to come at a later date) to address my fuzzy areas, put my scarf back on for my commute and viola.

How are you handling your hair on this Hump Day?


askportland said...

Your hair looks really cute in a bun. You mentioned shower cap, mist and shower? What do those do to your bun? Thanks!

askportland said...

Your bun looks cute! You mentioned shower cap, mist and shower-what does that do to your bun? Thanks

Curly Chic said...

@askportland Thank you very much! The steam from the shower gives it a light mist and just the right amount of frizz which I like.