December 28, 2012

Why I’m Not Waiting Until January 1st

Every year around this time, people break out there pen and pad, well I-pads and commence to making a list of things they vow to do differently in the upcoming year.
I’m going to lose weight, go back to school, start being more active in the community, etc.  Whatever the promise professed, it all centers around the New Year.   March comes around and many have forgotten all about said list and little or no progress has been made.  I respect the tradition and understand tying goals to a specific date, however, I reject the notion that January 1st is the ultimate marker to reset the clock and everything will be different from that day forward because it has never worked for me.  I believe you should always set goals and realistic target dates for achievement but I also believe that change is an ongoing process and can take place on any given day.  Flipping the page of the calendar does not set the clock for changes to be made, you do.  Elevating your method of thinking and altering your future steps is not based on the calendar.  So this year I won’t be making hair resolutions or any resolutions earmarked by the New Year approaching but rather on the urgency placed on the change and the opportunities available.  

What about you?  Will you be making any New Year Resolutions?


Sabrina Perkins said...

I have a list of real and reasonable tasks. I will finish school (in my second year of getting my masters), drink more water and do more DIY.

~Adeola~ said...

I totally agree, i set goals on a weekly, monthly basis. Jan 1st to me is just another day. However, I think it's important to set goals, reasonable ones. Because setting goals helps keep us on track and gives us a feeling of accomplishment when we cross out the things we have achieved.

garcinia cambogia extract said...

Well, i decided to, I have to learn ENGLISH Language and make my Body shape like a Body builder... but My first Goal is Learn English LANGUAGE in a few months..

ForHisGlory said...

I agree. Well said.