September 18, 2012

Me and My Curls - The Weekend

 Outfit inspiration - except I wore black pumps

This past weekend me and my curls hit the town on some birthday celebratory ish.  A good time was had by all but then again, that’s one thing that remains consistent with my friends and I, we always have fun.  We started our venture at a small local spot where jazz set the mood for chill drinks and bodies swaying gracefully back and forth, followed by a gentleman who worked the room with a tray full of fried chicken wings.  *wayment, did she just say fried chicken wings?* Yes, that’s what I said.  There I am feeling all grown and sexy amongst a more “seasoned” than I crowd when a man came out of nowhere with a cafeteria tray full of paper plates laced with fried chicken wings!  Really?  Then we all snatched up a plate in true “black people” form, #stereotypingatitsfinest as if it were our last meal.  Can I tell you that the mood of the entire room changed.  It went from feeling like a classy venue to the type of joint where pushing up my sleeves so as not to get chicken grease on them is the norm!  #dontjudgeme.  Anywho, on to the next spot where the crowd was slightly, no make that significantly different.  There was a 90s party going on at this spot but most of the people in attendance appeared to have been born in the 90s and were not at all familiar with the DJ’s picks.  My crew and I proceeded to order up vodkas and mostly chair dance the entire night. 

The next night was just my speed…almost like the Goldilocks and 3 Bears story, you know one was too big, one too small and the other just right.  The DJ was on point, the crowd was younger but grown enough to know better; with a few sights to see and the dance floor spilled over into the lounge section as everyone got there wobble on #biggirlmakembackitup! All in all, it was a good weekend.  Oh and my hair?  It held me down like none other.  Working on its last leg of a dry twist out I had worn on all week using my WonderCurl Butter Than Love Pudding, it did me proud. 

2nd night I didn’t get any photos but this is the what I wore – only I carried a black and white clutch.

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