June 01, 2012

Friday Fun! Share Your Least Fav Hair Chore

It’s been said over and over, natural hair is work…as is anything worth having.  While creating a hair care regimen is work, any natural worth her salt in coils knows that having one and maintaining it is paramount.  Any deviation or exclusion from the regimen can prove to be detrimental.  It’s like a puzzle…if any of the pieces are missing, sure, you can put it together partially and even get an idea of what it’s supposed to look like but it will never be complete.  With that being said, every now and then I fall victim to laziness and try to skip a step and it never pays off.  My absolute least favorite, can’t stand, would rather slit my wrist, I need a shot, thing to do is detangle.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  If done correctly, it’s time consuming, it’s tedious, it’s frustrating, and it can make or break you (your hair), literally.  As much as I dread the process, I respect its impact and importance but I definitely dread it.
What part of your hair regimen do you dread the most?

Friday = Curly Nikki day!  Check me out today and every Friday!  See what Nik's response to this question is!  Have a great weekend chicas!

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