May 03, 2012

You Tube Video of the Week – How To Get Your Best Twist Out Ever

Whitney B.K.A. Naptural85 gives us an awesome tutorial on achieving the best twist out.  As usual, she is thorough and detailed.  Check it out and see why she is easily in my top 5 fave You Tubers. 

Her instructions:
Start on stretched hair (however you achieve) – curl formers, flexi rods, blow out, flat iron, etc.
Part down middle and split into 2 sections.
Grab a medium size section of hair and lightly mist hair for moisture.  Be sure to use too much water to prevent reverting.
Add shea butter from ends to root to seal the moisture.
Finger detangle to get rid of any shed hair, knots.
Twist similar to flat twists, which creates definition.  After each twist, wrap it in bantu knot to keep it stretched.
Once you have completed the entire head, unravel each bantu knot, grab the twist by the end, wrap it around the head to stretch and bobby pin it so it remains stretched.  This process elongates the hair and helps define pattern. 
Wrap in scarf for the night.
I tried her method which is not too different from my own but hers lookers hotter!!!  I’ll share results later.
Do you have a twist out method that works for you? Please share below!

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