May 09, 2012

To Protect and Serve – My Hair This Week

Naturals are all about protection.  Tuck your ends by protected styling, protect your hair at night with a scarf, protect your tresses from the humidity, etc but sometimes your mane needs protected from you! 
The protect:
This week I’m protecting my tresses with my life.  Last week was war and there were a few curl casualties.  I was like that clingy girlfriend or boyfriend who refuses to give you space; in my hair every single day, twisting, detangling, smoothing it with shea butter, taming it with gel, you name it.  As a result, I experienced lots of hair loss.  My hair needed protection from me.  I had to apologize to my curls and make it up to them by backing up and simply leaving them alone.  After shampooing and deep conditioning, #youknowthedrill, I applied my Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave- In and started randomly twisting.

The serve:
This week I’m serving up hotness without all the drama.  Well maybe not hotness but somewhat cute J, or presentable.  However, vanity was not the motivation for this week’s hair.  I was exhausted from dealing with my hair every single day and the feeling was mutual.  This hairstyle definitely served its purpose.  With all the ripping and running I do, the one thing I didn’t have to worry about was my hair, such a relief.  Not to mention, it was off of my face and out of the way!  I will take it down on Saturday afternoon and wear it out for a birthday celebration later that night. 

How I Maintained:
I lightly misted with water, tied it up in my satin scarf and called it a night.  Real simple.  In the morning, I applied a very small amount of IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling Gel to my man made baby hair.  I picked up a jar last summer while in Hawaii because for whatever reason, I didn’t pack my trusty Eco Styler Gel and this was all they had in the local Walmart.  I think I used it once and decided to try again this week.  It seemed to the job.  It’s pretty light and I didn’t experience any flaking.  It does contain Dimethicone Copolyol , but for all you anti-coners (like myself) and those of you who subscribe to the Curly Girl Method, don’t be alarmed.  This is considered one of the “good cones”.  It’s extremely mild and water soluble, which means it can be easily removed with conditioner and water. 

Share your hair week below!

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