May 14, 2012

Naturals Party Better

Sangria Margarita - Happy Hour Friday

This was a busy weekend for me, on the social front that is, as my weekends are always busy as it relates to grown a$$ woman business.  There is always something to do with a toddler and household to run.  My girlfriend celebrated her birthday all weekend and it started immediately after work on Friday for Happy Hour complete with margaritas and chow at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Abuelos.  Saturday morning it was errands and swim lessons and preparing for part 2 of the celebration.  Lounge 62 is a local spot with food, a live band up until 10:00pm when the DJ takes over, and they also have the NBA games playing #Lakerfan.  We had a great time beginning with appetizers and plenty of adult beverages. 

As for my hair, mmmm… didn’t do so hot.  It had been in a twisted protected do all week so when I took it down on Saturday it was super shrunken.   I stretched it out by lightly blowing it out, braiding it into large sections and then did a try twist out.  It started off really cute but by the end of the night, not so much.  User error - I didn’t add any additional product and ended up with a huge afro but not a cute one.  When I got home, I ended up pulling it up in a scrunchie and crashing as is.  #DontTryThisAtHome.   
Sunday I didn’t have much time to recoup from the prior evening.  I got up after almost no sleep, fixed breakfast and a huge cup of joe.  I separated my crazy a$$ hair into 6 sections, added some much needed water and leave in conditioner to my thirsty mane and twisted.  I pinned the twists across my head for added stretch and tied it up for a few hours.  My hair was much cuter than Saturday night so I wore it out.  Although the weather sucked, we braved the rain and it was still a great day as my family and I gathered for dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day at Red Lobster.  I was against it initially because I knew everybody and their mother – literally, would be in attendance.  However, it ended up only being a 30 minute wait.  My meal was delish but service was sub- par.  All in all, it was a good day.  I couldn’t wait to get home and de-stress with the remote in hand to watch the final episode of Desperate Housewives.  How about I fell asleep on the last 30 minutes. L  I’ll catch it on DVR tonight after my son’s soccer practice though. 
How was your weekend?  What did you do with your textured hair?

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