April 02, 2012

The Big Bad Dentist

Hola Chicas!
So today I took the day off to take off to take my son to the dentist and it was a much needed for more reasons than one.  Especially after a long day at the circus on yesterday (I will share those pics tomorrow).  It was his very first dental appointment so I was all excited, like most moms are about the smallest things!  Prior to the appointment I sat down with him and explained that we were going to the doctor who would look at his awesome teeth and make sure everything was ok with them.  He nodded his head signaling comprehension and then asked “is he going to take my temperature?”  I told him “it’s not that kind of doctor” and proceeded to tell him how he would get his teeth brushed just like we do at home in the morning and at bed time.  I tried to get him excited by telling him he would sit in a big chair and it would move up and down like a space ship and he was cool with it!  Listen, once we got there, the game changed!  I could feel his nervous energy as we walked from the kid friendly waiting room down the hall to the suite. 

it's all good in the waiting room
He climbed in the chair but once it started to recline back, he wasn’t having it.  He wouldn’t allow the hygienist to put the paper bib around his neck, let alone touch him.  Once the dentist entered to do a fluoride application, you would’ve thought he was being attacked by a big monster the way he kicked and screamed!  I was totally shocked.  Although in his eyes, that’s exactly what it was.  Having some big man whom he doesn’t know, with a mustache peer over him with tools coming at him was a bit too much for him.  Dr. Kassoy is super with kids so we were able to get it some of it done.  All things considered, it was a partially successful appointment.  He explained that this was not at all unusual for a 3 year old so I felt better about it.  My daughter didn’t have any issues so I guess I expected the same from him – boy was I wrong!  Anyway, we will see how his next appointment goes in 6 months. 

Now what?

it's all over!
How was your weekend?  Anything fun?

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