March 19, 2012

You Go Curl

I’m On My Joan Clayton, You Go Curl
*In my JCole voice* - Yeah I know it’s corny but that’s how I felt after I did my hair on this particular day.  Ok maybe not quite as fly but.....

I’d been wearing my hair in protected two strand twists for eight days and it was great.  Nothing calculated or fancy, I simply sat down and very unstrategically got to twisting.  I’ve been on this minimalist thing where I’ve been living by the less is more motto.  Very low maintenance on the hair, no makeup outside of the car max which give my lips life during this dry weather, and no statement jewelry pieces, just simple classic looks like stud earrings, cardigans and corduroys.  Sometimes I just want to fly under the radar. 

At any rate, the twists had been in over a week and I took them down on a Sunday.  I unraveled them intending on shampooing and retwisting but I was feeling the way it looked so I opted to skip the shampoo session and rock the twist out.  Plus I had to do my son’s hair as well and that was just too much for me in one day.  I wore the results of the twist out on Sunday but decided it was cute but just a little too tight and crimp-y looking for my taste so I reverted back to my good old braid out.  I misted it with a little water, separated my tresses into 5 sections, adding a dab of Bee Mine Behold Curling cream (which is what I twisted with the previous Saturday), and braided.  I’m On My Joan Clayton, You Go Curl! Loving the results I must say!  It had all the ingredients of a successful hair day:  softness but just the right amount of hold with plenty of fluff and body, a little on the wild side yet not too much for my 9 to 5, definition but doesn’t appear manufactured.  Love it!  Whatever I throw on for the day simply compliments the hair, not the other way around.  Don’t you just love days like that?

Share one of your good hair days!

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