March 06, 2012

Product Junkies and Storage - Kim, Guest Blogger

We all talk about being a product junkie and how we cannot help ourselves. When do we consider ourselves not one anymore? I know for myself I have cut down a lot from the products that I buy and use on my hair. I mean just take a look into my cabinet.
Of course there are still things in the bathroom like my shampoo and conditioner and also the curly products that I am using now (Mixed Chicks and Alterna) which stay in the bathroom because I use them every day. Only the unused containers are in the cabinet.
My henna I keep in the kitchen pantry so that is why it does not show up in this cabinet. My dad told me this was an old Whiskey cabinet LOL.  I mean just look at how nice it looks closed.
I have placed it right in front of my bed so that I can look at it as I get ready for bed and as I just lay there.  I think it is as much as important that you love the products that you hold on to as well as you love the place you keep them in.  I know I can become quite depressed if I have to look at a place or go to a place to get something and the place is not so nice and it is nasty looking or just not classy looking.  Who wants their products to become an eye sore?  And on top of that those places where you have to dig for everything and take every little thing out to find what you are looking for...oh and how about this one.  You go out and buy something because you couldn't find what you were looking for in the junk pile but you knew you had it in there.  Come home from the store and it hits you right in your face, all because you didn't have your products stacked in a nice place where you could see each and every thing. 

Ok enough of my rambles today. I just wanted to share what makes me feel better about having a lot of hair products. LOL

Ladies love your hair and their products and your hair will love you back. 
As always thanks for reading, peace and love!!!!!!
You can find Kim’s blog, here.

How do you store your products?  Click here for a few suggestions I have. I have since rearranged my products and will share soon.

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