February 01, 2012

Tony's World - Hair, Tony - Guest Blogger

I can`t front, I love hair.  As far as physical qualities go hair is a close third behind a nice booty and a great smile.  If you are rollin' on me with those three attributes then we got at the least a good conversation-lol.  Now the good hair vs. bad hair discussion is just crazy to me.  Why are you judging people on their hair texture?  I know that the white standard of beauty is alive and thriving but it`s more going on than just that.  I have been with women who have changed their hair like a BMW changes gears...smoothly.  Short, medium, long, even bald, it`s all good. 

Let me break it down for you.  Long hair can cover a lot of sins, i.e. big ears, big forehead -lol, along with softening facial features.  Now, short hair and the bald cut are much harder to pull off.  To me, that`s a head shape and/or size deal (smile).  When it`s right, it`s tight, but when it`s wrong...well. If you think that I have been trippin' so far ...just wait (smile).  We are about to enter the wonderful world of weaves and hair color.  Oh joy.  Now I have nothing against sistas who indulge in either or both.  My only humble request is for it to look real - lol.  Blue, green, etc, you KNOW where I`m going.  God did not bless us with those colors to have and show the world.  So, I ask the classic question: Why? Believe me, it ain't cute.  It`s ridiculous.  I know that it`s ghetto fab, but I just have problems and issues with the craziness I have to see and endure on a regular basis.  What`s worse is that NONE of their people will pull their card on it.  They just co-sign and let them roll on in public like that...amazing (smile).  Let`s introduce the weave section with a old joke: "Hey, you over there, give that horse back his hair!" I know, I know -sorry- lol.  Seriously, a tight weave job looks sensational.  As a matter of fact, female relatives, as well as past girlfriends have fooled me for years-ha.  My slow self was walking around swearing that their hair was real-duh! - lol! 

But my all-time hair/weave moment has to be from a summer camp.  About 10 years ago, I was a football instructor.  As I was leading the kids thru some agility drills, one of them yelled to me, "Look, Coach T, Peep homegirl!" So, I turn in time to see this brown-skinned beauty in a tight white mini-dress.  She was also the proud owner of a two-foot high flaming red bouffant.  Sis stopped traffic, time and a number of hearts - lol. Even the girls who were playing softball were like-Damn! - LOL

Your boy, Tony
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