January 31, 2012

Natural Hair Assumptions

You approached me because my hair was in its natural state and automatically made some assumptions about me.  Something about my big curls made you think I was part of the next black power movement.  You envisioned my home being consumed by the smell of incents and Erykah Badu playing on the IPOD.  You think I’m a revolutionary because I’m not down with the creamy crack.  Let’s be clear, you don’t really know me at all.  No I don’t perform spoken word at the local Snaps and Taps venue and I don’t despise white people.   #nojudgment for those that these things apply to but it these assumptions are premature.  In fact, my hair has nothing to do with who I am as a person.  Since when did hair hold so much weight that someone can create an entire persona around it? 
I was watching an episode of Half and Half and Mona meets what she thinks is a great guy.  Handsome, seemingly intelligent and most of all interested in her.  After a few conversations with him, she realizes she doesn’t quite meet his “blackxpectations” and proceeds to get some last minute tips from Dee Dee.  DeeDee gives her some quick dance lessons, wraps her hair up in a table runner and let’s her have at it.  He basically told her she would make a white guy really happy someday. 
It brought me to a scene straight out of School Daze.  Remember Vaughn “Dap” AKA Larry Fishburne, the social conscious leader on campus.  His girlfriend Rachel made a comment to him something to the effect of “Sometimes I think the only reason you’re with me is because I’m one of the darkest sistas on this campus”.  I don’t recall him ever denying her claim.  What do you all think?  Any similar experiences either way?  How did you react?  Did anything positive come out of this interaction?  Either you're not "black enough" to date or you're "black enough" to date!

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