January 18, 2012

Worst Natural Hair Advice Received

Yesterday one of my fave publications for more reasons than one, CocoandCreme, asked the question “What’s the worse beauty advice you’ve ever received?”   I did an article awhile back on how to discern info on the internet.   It’s sometimes difficult to know who to listen to, who is credible, etc. This is especially true as a newbie natural trying to find her way. Try this product, try that product, trim your hair every 6 weeks, use silicones, don’t use silicones…yada yada yada.  If there’s one thing people don’t mind giving, it’s advice.  If you’re with child, get ready to hear advice from current mothers, mothers to be, grandparents, etc.  If you’re headed down the altar, be prepared for all the “how to keep your man happy” speeches.  Solicited or unsolicited, good or bad, we’ve all received it.  I wanted to throw it out to you ladies as it pertains to natural hair. 
What’s the worst natural hair advice you’ve received?

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