December 21, 2011

Woman Could Face the Death Penalty for Drug Trafficking

Woman was caught trying to smuggle 1.5 kilograms of cocaine in her dreadlocks on a flight to Bangkok, it was reported today.  South African Nobanda Nolubabalo, 23, was arrested and held in Thailand's capital yesterday after customs officers allegedly noticed a suspicious white substance in her hair.  Officials later carried out a search and discovered she had allegedly matted the Class A drug into her dreadlocks before boarding a flight from Brazil.
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I first learned about this when Yardley posted it on her facebook page.  Interesting…do you think the TSA will use this as another reason to hair check us?  Does this set precedence?  Will we all be profiled by our hair now?


Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

wow!!! crzy...they betta not try us

Tammy said...

@Hershley's Sweet Kiss - I know right?!Pure crazy!