December 27, 2011

Hair Risks

Beautiful with Brains ask what is the biggest risk you have ever taken with your hair?  I thought it was interesting so I shared it via twitter.
My biggest risk:
Coloring my hair with bleach! 
Why I risk it:
Love love love the outcome.
What have been the consequences of this action?
Some damage, shedding.
Will you continue to do this risky behavior?
Most likely. 

I’m interested in hearing from everyone else on this topic.  Natural hair comes with a lot rules and lines you aren’t supposed to cross, so risky is relative.  What I may see as a risk, you may think is no big feat.
So weigh in and share the conversation with another curlfriend and keep a few things in mind!  Why did you risk it?  Was it worth the risk?  Natural or relaxed!

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