November 10, 2011

4 Things I Love About Erykah Badu

1.   She’s Spontaneous
You never know what you will get from Ms. Badu.  Not only with her music but with her entire persona.  She reinvents herself time and time again and I can’t wait to see what she comes up next. 
2.   Her sense of style
Whether it’s a fly vintage t-shirt and bell bottom denims or a floor length skirt and halter, she always knows how to pull it together.  Her style is one that cannot be duplicated and that is by design.  She appears to roll with whatever she feels at the moment, not what is trendy, that in itself is sexy and appealing.
3.   Her talent
No denying this songstress can do more than hold a note.  Her voice is just soft enough that you listen extra hard so as not to miss a lyric, yet still powerful enough to get her point across.  Her portfolio is full of tales of life and love, as well as social messages geared towards women.  Some refer to her as the “Queen of Neo – Soul”, although her music is much more than that.  It is real, it is engaging and it is genuine.  I have witnessed the FIYA that is Baduizm on several occasions and each time I left with a smile on my face.  Each experience was different than the one before it.  She would out of nowhere throw in Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh’s “La Di Da Di” and get the old school crowd going.  Who expects that from an Erykah Badu concert?
4.   Her hair
Of course I have to talk about her hair.  Afros, braids, twa’s, as well as straight styles…she has rocked them all and rocked them well.  A few misses along the way but overall, I’ve always dug her hair.  She does not allow you to put her in a box, nor does she let the media dictate her next look.  Conformity?  Never. 

Do you like Erykah Badu?  What is your favorite Erykah Badu look?

Check out Erykah Badu’s interview the GQ Magazine.


Tonia said...

I luvs her for all the reasons you mentioned.She is one of a kind.

Tammy said...

@Tonia - I could probably list a few more! LOL Thanks for commenting.